Rainer Marie Rilke


Other People’s Poetry (OPP) Presents
The Poetry of Rainer Marie Rilke
As Translated by Edward Snow
New Poems: The Other Part (1908)

Sunday, September 25 2016
Deep Vellum Books
3000 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75226

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Rainer Marie Rilke (1875 – 1926)

Poet, novelist, essayist and secular mystic, Rainer Marie Rilke remains among the most significant figures in all of Modernism. Rilke was born in Austria but traveled extensively over the course of his brief career. Rilke wrote in both German and French, and drew from literary traditions native to both languages (Romanticism, Expressionism, and Symbolism, among others). While the Duino Elegies, written over the course of a decade and reflecting Europe’s existential crises during the First World War, is considered Rilke’s masterpiece, the two volumes of New Poems he composed in Paris between 1906 and 1908 represent a radical maturation of his style. To quote translator Edward Snow of Rice University: “What specifically is ‘new’ about the New Poems? The most striking transformation occurs in Rilke’s language, which grows simultaneously more lucid and complex. Compression of statement and elimination of authorial self are taken to their extremes in the pursuit of an objective ideal… This interanimation of object and consciousness is, finally, the great theme of the New Poems.” (Rilke, was, during this period, a frequent visitor to sculptor Auguste Rodin’s studio. Further, he had, in 1901, married sculptor Clara Westhoff.) The results of Rilke’s desire to push his poetry in the realm of the concrete and to emphasize the “made” qualities of his verse anticipates later poetic movements such as Ezra Pound’s Imagism and the American Objectivists centered around William Carlos Williams and Louis Zukofsky. Other poets influenced by Rilke’s “art of living surfaces” include the prose poet Francis Ponge, Pablo Neruda (his Odes, most especially), and Jorie Graham.

Poems & Readers

Archaic Torso of Apollo (Lisa Huffaker)
Cretan Artemis (Reverie Powell)
Leda (Christopher Stephen Soden)
The Island of the Sirens (Richard Bailey)
Lament for Antinous (Amos Hunt)
The Death of the Beloved (Rebecca Balcárcel)
A Prophet (Carlos Salas)
Jeremiah (Paul Koniecki)
A Sybil (Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi)
The Last Judgment (Dan Collins)
The Alchemist (Stephanie Amsel)
Crucifixion (MH Clay)
Adam (Leah Tieger)
Eve (Bear The Poet)
Lunatics in the Garden (Christopher Stephen Soden)
The Lunatics (Opalina Salas)
The Beggars (Tim Cloward)
Foreign Family (Courtney Marie)
Corpse-Washing (MH Clay)
One of the Old Ones (Richard Bailey)
The Blind Man (Sophia Terazawa)
Faded (Jolee Davis)
Communion (Rebecca Balcárcel)
The Site of the Fire (Opalina Salas)
The Group (Leah Tieger)
Snake-Charming (Paul Koniecki)
Black Cat (Lisa Huffaker)
The Balcony (Reverie Powell)
Emigrant Ship (Tim Cloward)
Landscape (Dan Collins)
Roman Campagna (Amos Hunt)
Song from the Sea (Stephanie Amsel)
Night Drive (Christopher Stephen Soden)
Parrot Park (Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi)
Portrait (Joaquin Zihuatanejo)
Venetian Morning (Tim Cloward)
Late Autumn in Venice (Chris George)
San Marco (Sophia Terazawa)
A Doge (Richard Bailey)
The Lute (Joe Milazzo)
Corrida (Jolee Davis)
Don Juan’s Childhood (Courtney Marie)
Don Juan’s Election (Paul Koniecki)
Lady at a Balcony (Carlos Salas)
Encounter in the Chestnut Avenue (Rebecca Balcárcel)
Piano Practice (Opalina Salas)
Woman in Love (Bear The Poet)
The Rose Interior (Reverie Powell)
Lady Before Her Mirror (MH Clay)
The Sundial (Courtney Marie)
Opium Poppy (Chris George)
The Flamingos (Lisa Huffaker)
Persian Heliotrope (Dan Collins)
Lullaby (Joaquin Zihuatanejo)
The Pavilion (Stephanie Amsel)
Pink Hydrangea (Rebecca Balcárcel)
The Coat of Arms (Leah Tieger)
The Bachelor (Sophia Terazawa)
The Solitary (Bear The Poet)
The Reader (Jolee Davis)
The Apple Orchard (Amos Hunt)
Mohammed’s Summoning (Chris George)
The Mountain (Carlos Salas)
The Ball (Joe Milazzo)
The Child (Joaquin Zihuatanejo)
The Dog (Paul Koniecki)
The Beetle Stone (A. Kendra Greene)
Buddha in Glory (Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi)

About the Readers

Stephanie Amsel, a teacher and poet, teaches writing classes at Southern Methodist University. She has taught in public and private schools in Italy, New York, and Texas. She has an MA and PhD in English Literature from the University of Texas at San Antonio and specializes in English and Italian medieval literature. Her poems have appeared in Fog City Review, Sagebrush Review, and Ilya’s Honey. She has received several awards for poetry and short fiction, including a Wendy Barker Poetry Award and a Dallas Poets Community Award.

Richard Bailey’s poems have appeared in several journals, including The Madison Review, Mudfish, Quiddity, and Whiskey Island Magazine. He’s had four films selected for the AVIFF Cannes Catalogue. His films have shown at SXSW, Black Maria, Dallas VideoFest, Alchemy Moving Image, and Proyector International. Find out more at www.TropicPictures.com.

Rebecca Balcárcel’s poems and essays have appeared in North American Review, Third Coast, and elsewhere. Her book of poems, Palabras in Each Fist came out in 2010 from Pecan Grove Press at St. Mary’s University. Her middle-grade novel about coming of age in the Latina-American hyphen is currently looking for a home. She serves the students of Tarrant County College as Associate Professor of English. Visit her online at https://sites.google.com/site/rebeccabalcarcel/.

MH Clay is a poet, playwright, musician, actor and raconteur residing in Dallas, TX. He is the poetry editor at www.MadSwirl.com, with a poetry page on Mad Swirl’s Poetry Forum, www.madswirl.com/author/mhclay/. He published his chapbook, Perhaps This Rain, in 2007 (3rd edition in 2014). His poetry collection, sonoffred, was published in 2015 by Rebel Poetry, County Cork, Ireland. His latest collection, ANGST, was published in May 2016 by Mad Swirl Press in Dallas.

Tim Cloward is a poet/performer and the creator of the recent Dancing Tongue Literary Cabaret series at Dallas’ Undermain Theatre. The former board chair of the North Texas Literary organization, WordSpace, he is currently a High School Instructor at Uplift Peak Academy where he is helping set-up an International Baccalaureate program. He is the founder of the poetry/ performance troupe Dancing Tongue and has worked with Poetry Circus and Question Authority, both acclaimed performance poetry ensembles. His work has been seen in a number of publications and he, along with Patty Turner and David Davis, published the influential chapbook Three Dallas Poets in 1986. Tim holds a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is currently completing his book The City That Killed the President: A Cultural History of Dallas and the Kennedy Assassination.

Dan Collins is an artist and poet active in the creative community of Dallas, Texas. His work has been published in the Blue Mesa Review, Naugatuck River Review, Entropy and the online journal [out of nothing]. He is a “brain trust” member of Pandora’s Box Poetry Showcase.

Jolee Davis is the Creator/former Editor of Death List Five, arts and literary magazine, having published the works of Karen X, Robert Trammel, and Harris Schiff. Publication credits include: The Beatest State in the Union (edited by Christopher Carmona and Chuck Taylor) and most recently The Blue Max Review. Featured reader at Laughing Goat, Boulder and many others. Her work is on exhibit as part of Shinpei Takeda’s installation, “Inscription” @ The New American Museum, San Diego. She resides in Dallas. https://desperatelyseekingsusansontag.wordpress.com.

Chris George is a poet and translator living and working in Dallas, Texas. His work has appeared in numerous journals, including Sarah Lawrence’s Lux, The Arts United, and Entropy.

A. Kendra Greene is the author of two chapbooks, both published by Anomalous Press: The Stone Collector and Anatomy of a Museum, Or, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Icelandic Phallological Museum, But Were Afraid to Ask. The University of Iowa gave her an MFA in Nonfiction and the opportunity to costume a giant ground sloth in its Museum of Natural History. She’s been a Fulbright Grantee and a Jacob K. Javits Fellow. She is now Visiting Artist at the Dallas Museum of Art’s Center for Creative Connections, where she collects oral history and reinvents museum text generated by visitors and curators alike.

Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi can often be found on sidewalks using her typewriter to birth poems for strangers. She teaches poetry in schools, libraries, and community centers across the city for The Writer’s Garret. In January 2016, she founded Dark Moon Poetry & Arts to spotlight the creative feminine energies of North Texas. She wakes in Deep Ellum mornings and tries to recall her dreams of water.

Lisa Huffaker’s poems have appeared in Southwest Review, Poet Lore, Measure, and elsewhere. Her latest project, White Rock Zine Machine, offers tiny books by local writers and artists, sold in repurposed vending machines. She teaches creative writing through The Writer’s Garret, and sings with the Dallas Opera.

Amos J. Hunt is editor of Grub Street Grackle, and the founder and executive director of Imagine Dallas Literary Arts, Inc. His writing has appeared in The Shandean, Moreana, and Ancient Paths Literary Magazine. He lives with his family in Irving, TX.

Paul Koniecki is co-curator of Pandora’s Box Poetry Showcase in Dallas, TX and an original contributor to the White Rock Lake Zine Machine, currently on display at Deep Vellum Books. His poems are featured in One Of the Rough, a film by Tropic Pictures, that was just optioned by AVFF Cannes. His book Reject Convention is available at kleftjaw.com.

Courtney Marie is a writer and artist currently living in Denton, TX. She enjoys working with text as an art medium and performance object. her work has appeared in various magazines, journals, basements, museums, bars, subways, street corners, bookshops, swimming pools, parking lots, and art galleries all over the country. She is the co-founder and primary organizer of Spiderweb Salon, an art collective based out of Denton, co-host of Pegasus Reading Series in Dallas, and the host of Spiderweb Salon’s literary podcast, produced by Pariah Art. She writes a lot of letters.

Joe Milazzo is the founder and artistic director of Other People’s Poetry (OPP). He is the author of the novel Crepuscule W/ Nellie and The Habiliments, a volume of poetry. You can learn more about his activities—literary as well as extra-literary—by visiting www.joe-milazzo.com.

Reverie Powell was born and raised in Connecticut and despite living in Dallas for the past 15 years, still yearns for the decisiveness of four distinct seasons. Reverie earned her B.A. in English Arts from Hampton University, and her M.Ed. from The University of Phoenix. She teaches writing to a group of angelic middle school children, who often inspire her creativity and sometimes moonlights with The Writer’s Garret. She has featured her poetry with Dark Moon Arts Poetry and Common Company and reads regularly with Bonehouse, Common Company, Mad Swirl, Poets on X+. You can find more of Reverie’s work at medium.com/@reverie630.

James Barrett Rodehaver, also known as Bear the Poet, is a happily married 33-year old bisexual poet, editor, and author living with his husband in Dallas, Texas. A native of Alabama, James has written poetry since he was seven years old, and it keeps him alive during the hard times. He’s the author of a book of poetry called Strangely Wonderful, and the co-creator and editor of Not Dead Yet, An Anthology of Survivor Poetry, both published by Penhall Publishing.

Carlos Salas is co-host of the Poets on X+ Reading Series at Lucky Dog Books. He can be heard reading at open mics, galleries, bars, porches, and can be found right here on Earth, 75208 specific. He lives with love, beautiful wife-poet Opalina in Oak Cliff, Texas with their daughter Paloma, two cats Jack and Benny.

Opalina Salas is a poet, a former Oak Cliff bookstore owner, an editor of femme lit zine, Let It Bleed, and creator and host of Poets on X+ reading series held in her beloved home of Oak Cliff TX. She has been a curator and hostess for many WordSpace events in Dallas and feels most at home on stage at any local open mic in her area. She is a regular contributor to The Mad Swirl, and was a featured performer at The Texas Beat Poetry Festival 2012, Forest Fest in Lamesa TX in 2011, and a participant in the first annual New Orleans Poetry Fest of 2016. She has been writing and performing in and around the DFW area for 20 years with her comrade, partner and fellow poet, Carlos Salas. Her only desire is to continue her pursuit of the open mic state, country and worldwide and to finally construct that one perfect poem. Until then, she continues.

Christopher Stephen Soden is the author of the poetry collection Closer (Rebel Satori Press). He also writes plays, performance pieces, literary, film and theatre critique. He currently writes theatre critique for The Examiner, Pegasus News and A + C DFW. You can find more of his work in the pages of Assaracus, Poetic Voices Without Borders, The Texas Observer, Sentence, Borderlands, and Cafe Review, among other publications. Find him online at www.christophersoden.wixsite.com/home.

Sophia Terazawa is the author of I AM NOT A WAR, winner of the 2015 Essay Press Chapbook contest. As a Vietnamese-Japanese poet and performer working with ghosts, her work lives online in various places like killing fields journal, Mud City Journal, Yalobusha Review, and elsewhere. Please visit www.sophiaterazawa.com.

Leah Tieger is a graduate of Bennington College, a fiction reader for The Boiler, and cofounder and host of WordSpace’s Looped readings in Dallas. She was a finalist for the 2016 Raynes Poetry Prize, and her work can be found in Rattle, Gravel, Entropy, East Bay Review, and others.

Joaquin Zihuatanejo a poet, spoken word artist, and award-winning teacher. He was born and raised in the barrio of East Dallas. In 2004, he competed in the National Poetry Slam as part of the Dallas Poetry Slam team, which placed third. He also appeared on HBO’s Def Poetry in 2005. In 2008, he won the Individual World Poetry Slam and was the winner of the World Cup of Poetry Slam in 2009 in Paris, France. Read more about Joaquin’s life at work by visiting www.artspeakspoet.com.

About OPP

Other People’s Poetry (OPP) is a new repertory poetry reading series. One poet, one book of great poetry per event.

OPP’s mission: To develop an audience for poetry. To provide opportunities for audiences to interact with poetry that has otherwise fallen out of the oral tradition (because the originating poets are no longer alive to present the work themselves). To broaden notions of canon. To recognize the important work done by our poetic predecessors. To increase the diversity of literary programming in DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth), in part, by creating more opportunities for DFW’s discrete poetic communities to intersect and collaborate.


Special thanks to Will Evans, Anne Hollander and Deep Vellum Books for sponsoring this event.